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Your decision to enroll in a technical program is an important one, and it deserves a great deal of thought and investigation on your part.  To help you make the decision, we think you should carefully consider your plans for the future to see if a technical program can help you achieve your goals.



“A student’s regular high school schedule or program shall be adjusted as necessary to ensure that there are not barriers to enrolling in a technical education program. Graduation requirements in excess of state minimum requirements shall be adjusted when, through no fault of the student, they present a barrier to enrollment in the technical education program.”

heavy equipment students working at Elizabeth's Park



Careers in the growing specialties of the beauty industry lead to a transformation of customers’ confidence and happiness in a busy world. The study of hair, skin, and nails in River Bend’s Cosmetology program allows students to earn up to 700 hours towards the 1500-hours required for state licensure. Instruction covers everything from the chemistry of changing hair color, to essential skin care, make-up for daily and theatrical applications, and nail techniques. Students design and create their own salons, practicing entrepreneurial skills while studying the economics of business.

Instructor: Lorraine Kennedy


Diversified Agriculture and
Natural Resources

Combining a love for outdoor careers with science-based learning, Diversified Agriculture and Natural Resources students explore connections between ecological stewardship and resource production. Topics range from forestry and chain saw safety to greenhouse operation and sustainable farming.  Students have hands-on training that leads to Game of Logging certifications, orchard planting and pruning, and analysis of the economics of farm and forest production. Career interests of graduates range from conservation law enforcement, agricultural sciences, beef and dairy management, and horticultural production.

Instructor: Ian Blackmer

Construction Trades and Residential Energy


The Construction Technology/Residential Energy (CTRE) curriculum provides technical training in all aspects of residential construction, with an emphasis on energy efficiency and alternative energy. Building design, blueprint reading, estimating, safety on the work site, building codes, site work, foundations, stairs, timber framing, insulation envelopes, stress skin panels, roof systems, framing, and finish work are all part of the process. There is an emphasis on alternative, renewable energy sources (solar, wind, biomass) and the latest energy efficiency technologies and designs. Students will also be introduced to the operation of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. Students will use acquired knowledge to design and build projects of various sizes and complexity.

Instructor: Lance Mills

Construction Trades

21st Century Media

21st Century Media and Design

Weaving together the artistry of story-telling and the illusions of student-created digital universes, River Bend’s 21st Century Media and Design students create art that leads others into new worlds of experience. 21st Century students explore how visual imagery works in multiple digital platforms such as game making, programming, character creation, creative writing, graphic design, and various forms of animation. Students incorporate elements and principles of art to produce rich content which will then be marketed and promoted on the World Wide Web. Get your Game FAQS in line: Bethesda Studios and Ubisoft await you. 

Instructor: Anthony Daniels



The careers related to River Bend’s Automotive Technology program require attention to the latest technology and delivery of excellent service and repairs. With the backing of our N.A.T.E.F. certified auto program, students diagnose and repair engines, brakes, steering, electrical systems, and suspensions. River Bend’s college articulation agreements with Northwestern Ohio University guarantee a higher standard of instruction and opportunity for advanced study beyond high school. Our fully-equipped auto shop hosts nine service vehicles at a time, delivering daily hands-on training with industry-recognized instruction. 

Instructor: Carl Hildebrandt

Auto image

EMS class

Emergency Services and Fire Management

The adrenaline rush for students training to save lives in the Emergency Services field has few equals in the world of work. Firefighters and EMT professionals provide essential critical responses to people in crisis. Sick and injured people depend on a highly skilled, highly trained workforce to provide emergency care to survive natural disasters, traumatic crashes and accidents, and life-saving care and transportation in medical emergencies. Certifications in EMT, Firefighter 1, and college credits support a dynamic academic and practical curricula. 

Instructor: Thomas Leeman

Health Sciences


Medical career training at River Bend’s college preparatory Health Science Technology program offers students a fast track to a science related field. The labs, internships, and 12-credits of college coursework in the study of the human body, medical terminology, nutrition, and psychology are supplemented by clinical skills. Training opportunities at area hospitals, nursing homes, veterinary hospitals, and doctors’ offices provide real-world experiences that lead students down the path toward the medical careers that continue to offer rewarding work in high-demand industries.

Instructor: Carrie MIller

Health Sciences Class

Culinary Arts Students

Culinary Arts

Preparing for a creative and rewarding career in culinary arts begins at The Inn at River Bend.  Students learn food science theory and develop real world skills in our commercial kitchen, preparing for careers as chefs, restauranteurs, personal chefs, nutritionists, and bakers.  Internships and River Bend Inn experiences focus on restaurant management, cooking methods, food safety, nutrition and teamwork. Our program will prepare students with a complete restaurant experience. Students discover their own creative talents as they learn to combine ingredients and develop their own palate.

Instructor: Trace Heidenreich

Teacher Education


Teacher Education program prepares students with a desire to work with children of any age in a variety of educational roles - from preschool to high school classroom teachers. Topics covered include foundations of education, theories of development and learning, classroom management, lesson planning, methods of instruction, special education, and assessment. Education is a field which has a wide range of environments, learning, and work opportunities. Students who complete the Teacher Education program are beginning the preparations to work in P-K through grade 12 schools. In addition, they will be exploring careers which support children who are outside of the classroom environment.

Instructor: Laura Shrewsbury-Pichette

Teacher Education Class

Student Driving Tractor

Heavy Equipment


Students considering careers in welding, CDL transportation, and operation of heavy equipment will find hundreds of hours of hands-on training in River Bend’s Heavy Equipment program. Learning to operate excavators, 18-wheelers, loaders, Skidsteers, backhoes—over 18 pieces of heavy equipment—will lead students towards employment in careers that relate to construction and transportation. Units include road building; construction strategies; Mig, TIG, and stick welding, and plasma cutter operation; and heavy equipment operation, maintenance, and repair.

Instructor: Michael Howe

Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice/Public Safety program introduces students to different career opportunities in the Criminal Justice/Public Safety/Emergency Management fields. This program will help influence students in making informed life decisions regarding his or her behavior, which might impact a future career decision. Students participating in the Criminal Justice & Public Safety program will encounter a challenging and dynamic class schedule. The experiences and certifications earned will assure easy employment after completion. Preparation for post-secondary education will be a focus.

Instructor:  Tom Leeman

Criminal  Justice

Cybersecurity image


Explore an exciting new offering at River Bend, Cybersecurity!  Interested in protecting computers, digital information, or financial assets? Looking for a widely expanding field that pays incredibly well and is always growing?  The RBCTC Cybersecurity program may be for you.  Programming, asset protection, and hacking will all be explored.  Available in-person at Thetford Academy or fully remote.

Instructor: Mark Chabot