River Bend Career and Technical Center Recognizes Success from Technology Education

This Week, We Salute Paul Ordway Owner of PTO’s Repair Inc. in Bradford, Vermont

Paul is a 1980 graduate of the Agricultural Mechanics Program at River Bend Career and Technical Center (formally called Oxbow Vocational Center).

Paul really enjoyed his time at River Bend in the Agricultural Mechanics Program. As his skills advanced, he became one of the first juniors ever to go out on a COOP experience, working for L&J Enterprises in East Corinth, Vermont. He applied and perfected his welding and fabricating skills on the job, building small saw mills at the time. After graduation, he remained with L&J. His blue print reading skills, learned in his tech program, became a valuable asset for both his business and for him.

When business slowed down, Paul joined the State of Vermont Highway Department (VTRANS), first as a truck driver and plow operator, but later as a mechanic. His mechanical ability became well known and the State of Vermont began sending him throughout the state to trouble-shoot and fix complex problems on site. As a result of this work, Paul teamed up with another master mechanic and they were given the job of teaching VTRANS mechanics about certain repairs and adjustments on trucks, graders and all types of heavy equipment.

After 28 years with VTRANS, an opportunity became available for Paul and his wife, Kim, to open their own business in Bradford. Thus, PTO’s Repair Inc. was started in 2005. PTO’s Repair is a facility that specializes in auto and medium truck repair, offers a 24-hour wrecker service, and is an authorized dealer for Fisher plows and accessories. On the floor, Paul works with Ryan, who is also a graduate of River Bend Career and Technical Center, (Automotive Technology Program) while Kim is in the office.

Paul has “given back” to River Bend Career and Technical Center in many ways over the years and feels very strongly about the importance of a technical education in high school, regardless of whether the student is planning to go to college or right into the “world of work”. Paul believes that students today will have to have a marketable skill to meet the needs of employers in the future; and the way to achieve this is through career and technical training at the high school level. Paul is a devoted member of the Center’s Regional Advisory Board as well as serving on the advisory committee for the Automotive Technology Program. In addition, PTO’s Repair supports the Cooperative Education part of River Bend’s program, volunteering to work with six students in his business over the past years.

We applaud Paul for taking the career and technical skills he has learned and developed over the years and serving his community in so many ways! We offer him a special “thank you” and appreciate his continued support and advocacy for career and technical education at River Bend Career and Technical Center.

Paul is the first person to be featured in our series of “River Bend Career and Technical Center Salutes...” We hope to continue this series in the fall. If you know of a past graduate from RBCTC that might have an interesting story to tell, you are welcome to send some contact information and some brief thoughts to rjones@rbctc.org for consideration in an upcoming article.

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