RBCTC Honors Kristen Vaughan Ribolini

Kristen Vaughan Ribolini

Woodstock Inn Spa and Rio Blanco Salon and Spa

This week, we celebrate Kristen Vaughan Ribolini.

Kristen is a 2006 graduate of the Cosmetology Program at River Bend Career and Technical Center in Bradford, Vermont.

While a student at Oxbow High School, Kristen knew that she had an artistic side that she really enjoyed. She wasn’t exactly sure how to put this strength to use following graduation. A number of her older relatives had found success in taking technical courses at River Bend Career and Technical Center, so she decided to see if a program at RBCTC might work for her. She was torn between the idea of taking the Culinary Arts program, or possibly the Cosmetology program. Both areas allowed for creativity, provided a chance to work with people in a positive way, and both had great post-secondary options for further training. She visited the ever popular Cosmetology course, taught by Patti Eaton, and, as they say, the “rest is history”!

During her two years in the program, she accumulated over 500 hours of transferable credit toward certification and grew tremendously; not only in the area of hair, but also skin care, client relations, color, nails, correct product use, business management, applied science, theatrical applications, fashion trending, and “cutting edge” developments in the industry. She knew she had made the right decision and was starting a career that she would find very satisfying as well as rewarding.

After her program at River Bend, she enrolled and graduated from a school in Williston, Vermont, called the Salon Professional Academy. There she earned another 1500 hours of professional training and in April 2008, became licensed in Vermont. She was able to transfer her license to the state of Maine, and moved to Portland for two years; very much enjoying the city life and the day-spa salon she worked in. During this time, her interest really expanded in the direction of day-spa work, as the environment for the client was so relaxing and positive, and Kristen enjoyed being part of this.

She heard about an opening in a day-spa in Stowe, Vermont. So, she came back from Maine to be part of the Stoweflake Resort on the Mountain Road. While in Stowe, she learned about a new spa opening at the Woodstock Inn in Woodstock, Vermont. Her training and experience helped her become part of the opening team at the Woodstock Inn when they started this new aspect of their business in September, 2010. She has been part of the Inn ever since.

Through her various time in spas, salons and workshops, Kristen has been able to gain considerable experience with the art of working with finger nails, particularly with art decoration. Her background has been strong enough for a national nail company to train her to teach her knowledge and skills to others. This has given her a great opportunity to travel as she helps others perfect their skill. She has returned every season to River Bend Career and Technical Center to teach seminars to the current students in the program, as well as to share her other skills with Patti Eaton’s classes. She made the decision this spring to take a break from the teaching piece of her career and joined the very “upscale” salon in White River Junction called Rio Blanco Salon and Spa. She now spends her time between Rio and the Inn and loves the difference in the two environments. She still volunteers regularly in the Cosmetology class at River Bend, as well!

Her dream to work in a field that has allowed her to express her creative talents, while helping other feel good, has certainly come true! She attributes her success to her start in the Cosmetology Program at River Bend. The class opened her eyes to the vast number of possibilities a person has with this type of training and skill. The career opportunities are endless and she truly loves what she does!

Kristen is the second person to be featured in our series of “River Bend Career and Technical Center Salutes...” We hope to continue this series in the fall. If you know of a past graduate from RBCTC that might have an interesting story to tell, you are welcome to send some contact information and some brief thoughts to rjones@rbctc.org for consideration in an upcoming article.

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