River Bend Career and Technical Center Recognizes Success from Technology Education - Stacy Thomson

This week, we recognize Stacy Thomson.

Picture of Stacy Thomson

Stacy is a 1995 graduate of the Heavy Equipment Operations and Maintenance Program at River Bend Career and Technical Center in Bradford, Vermont.

While Stacy was a student at Orford High School, he realized that what he enjoyed most was learning things by actually doing them. His classes in industrial arts and related topics were some of his favorites in his early high school years. Like about 65% of people, Stacy’s natural way of learning was by seeing how things were connected and actually doing the work involved in making them connect. That is why he couldn’t wait to get to his junior year and enroll in the Heavy Equipment Operations Program at River Bend Career and Technical Center.

Stacy’s instructor at River Bend was Fred Bishop, the person who started the program. Fred was a wealth of information and experience, having worked most of his career in the heavy equipment construction field. Stacy absorbed the skills like a sponge and began to gain skills in areas like equipment operation, truck driving, welding, metal fabrication, and survey layout. What he enjoyed was the “no nonsense” business focus that Fred gave to the class; trusting them with responsibility while each student perfected their own set of skills. As soon as he was old enough to take his test, Stacy earned his CDL. Stacy thrived in this environment and was one of Mr. Bishop’s top students.

To build on his skills, Stacy spent his weekends and summers while at River Bend working for Connecticut Valley Trucking in Orford, New Hampshire. After graduation, Stacy went to work full time with Ron Taylor at Connecticut Valley Trucking; first as a mechanic and then driving a log truck and hauling wood. This experience helped him gain knowledge of the logging and hauling business and allowed him to purchase his first major piece of equipment in 1998, a cable skidder.

Working on his own in the woods as a logger, it wasn’t long before Stacy added one or two log trucks to his fleet, and then his first excavator. 1998 was the start of Thomson Timber Harvesting and Trucking LLC. Today that business has grown and now includes, in addition to timber harvesting, an excavation business, a commercial tree service business, an industrial auto body business, a welding and fabrication company, a sand and gravel business, an equipment rental business, and even a car wash! The company employs up to 20 people and is in constant motion.

Stacy attributes his strong work ethic, determination, and drive to do a job well to his dad. He uses the skills he learned at River Bend to make the job happen. He feels his education at RBCTC helped prepare him for real life experience in business. Congratulations, Stacy, on a great job!

Stacy is the third person to be featured in our series of “River Bend Career and Technical Center Salutes...” We hope to continue this series in the fall. If you know of a past graduate from RBCTC that might have an interesting story to tell, you are welcome to send some contact information and some brief thoughts to rjones@rbctc.org for consideration in an upcoming article.

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