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Brian Emerson Addresses RBCTC Students

It is an exciting time for Career and Technical Education in both New Hampshire and Vermont. Both states, working with their Departments of Labor, recognize that all data indicates that there is currently, and in the foreseeable future, a tremendous shortage in a skilled labor force. This is also a national trend. More resources, funding and supports are coming to hopefully address this problem. Career and Technical Institutions, including River Bend, are uniquely qualified to help deal with this frightening trend. There are many, many opportunities currently with more on the way in the Career and Technical fields.

River Bend offers a very diverse selection of programming. One outcome and connection each of the programs offer is a direct line to careers and jobs. Our programs also focus on learning by doing. Visit our Center and you will see very little learning where by the instructor stands up front and delivers teaching by lecturing. Our instructors come out of industry and expect students to apply learning similar to real life work.

River Bend works as a partner with Blue Mountain Union, Oxbow High School, Rivendell Academy, Thetford Academy and Woodsville High School. These are all good schools and all these schools care about their students and want to do what is best for them. So, don't let barriers get in your way from attending River Bend. If you want to pursue an exciting career, get a jump start on your college education or just want to prepare to enter the workforce right out of high school, River Bend can work creatively with your high school to achieve this goal. Call us, send an email or stop by to see what River Bend can offer

Brian Emerson
​River Bend Career and Technical Center Director


The mission of River Bend Career and Technical Center is to provide educational opportunities and support for students in developing career goals and skills to become productive members of an ever-changing, global society.


The staff at River Bend Career & Technical Center is committed to promoting lifelong learning by providing quality support to a diverse student population and by providing quality education which reflects current industry standards.